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About Us

Nevada Rocks is a small family business that specializes in homemade distinctive bar soaps, crafts, apparel, note cards, and pictures.  We design each product with love and care.  We hope each product brings our customers enjoyment.  Thank you for choosing us!

The story behind Nevada Rocks:

The inspiration for Nevada Rocks came from a photo that I took of a rock in the desert of Humboldt County, Nevada.  It is an actual rock shaped like the State of Nevada completely created and crafted by Mother Nature!  As a native Nevadan and photographer, I saw the beauty as well as the potential of the rock photograph.  It enhanced the appreciation and love I have for Nevada and its wide open spaces.  I thought to myself: "Gee, Nevada is pretty cool!  It rocks!"  And from that moment my Nevada Rocks journey began.  I applied for and acquired a federal copyright on the “Nevada Rock” photo allowing me to live out my vision and my dreams of “Nevada Rocks” merchandise.  Thank you for supporting me, my “Nevada Rocks” vision, my Nevada roots, and my dreams!

In love and friendship,
Jani McDaniel
Nevada Rocks, LLC